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We offer this service free so that you will know exactly how much your smoker, grill or firebox will cost.  We get inquires all the time and ask how much is a smoker.  Well that’s like asking how much for the Ford or Chevy.  There is allot of sizes, options and models that encompasses this statement. Let us talk with you see what your needs are what options you would like, discuss the size you need maybe not the size you want and other variables such as mounted on a trailer or not.  Then I will give you a drop dead quote that wont change due to price increases tariffs embargos,  shortages etc. 

  • Call me and I will send you a free builder options sheet.  simply mark what you want on the form and we can go over it step by step to ensure your build has everything you want on it.. Remember if its not on the invoice, which is our builders sheet it doesn’t exist.  But also remember just because you check a box doesn’t mean it will add extra money to your build. For instance,  if you check temperature gauge, or Temp gauge protective eyebrow, 1200 degree Rustoleum paint. These as well as many other items are included as Standard in our package.  We just want to make sure you want them.  Then the build begins, 50’% down and 50% upon completion and your in the que.  Delivery is available, so don’t delay call us today.  Over 43 years of Kansas City BBQ experience. 

I don't care who you are as a kid you remember your father or grandfather cooking meat over and open flame... Pass that on to the next generation will ya.

The study of BBQ is never ending

The art and science of BBQ is constantly evolving. But some things just shouldn’t be tampered with.  We like to think we can take a little old and put in some new ideas and mutate the perfect cooker.  New ideas are great but nothing really beat a good ole fashioned. Cross flow slow cooker. 

Charcoal, wood or Propane

The age old question we say, stick with the one that gives you your best flavor.  Experiment but Stick burner smokers that can both utilize charcoal and wood seems to work the best.. Also we can ass propane assist.   

Made from real US Steel

Our smokers are NOT made form thin gauge sheet metal they are made from 1/4 inch thick real steel.  It will last for years.  Try getting that guarantee from sheet metal units that you buy at your local hardware store. 

A Light Wind Swept Over The cooker and that wonderful Aroma of Hickory filled the air.


No Smoker build is too Large or too small

Whether it is back yard BBQ’s or Church outings, Family forth of July celebrations these 120 Gallon smokers either on wheels or on a trailer can’t be beat. 

These 250 to 500 gallon smokers are the right size for a small BBQ stand and up to 500 for a sit down BBQ brick and mortar establishment. Features as double stack grates, large smoke stacks, Pig roast doors, trailers or stationary.  This is step one to the commercial cooker group. 

This baby is for the big boys only 750 and 100 gallon smokers these aren’t for the faint at heart.  Perfect for Restaurants or events Aaron Franklin has4 of these working every day. But Aaron only dreams of having these smokers as this is a cut about the rest with many options that Pit masters only dream of. 

Get a free Smoker build consultation to discuss size, options and your budget. FREE, absolutely no obligation.

Let's bring BBQ back from the Covid shutdown and raise money for a worthy cause.

Nothing beats the Ambiance and smell of a wood fire, while slow cooking meat, with just a hint of hickory smoke in the air.  

We offer our services to put on BBQ fundraisers and BBQ Competitions… We can sanction both FBA (Florida BBQ Association and KCBS (Kansas City BBQ Society)  We are concentrating on the FBA here in Florida.  This is a well established up and coming association with very good people at its helm. Your event can be sanctioned or unsanctioned but we find that if you sanction your event  you will draw much more professional and competitive teams.  

These events do indeed bring the local people to participate in and in some cases they will be able to purchase some of the best BBQ that Florida has to offer.  A fun day’s outing for the entire family.  The longer you hold these events the bigger they become.  Searching for something different something new for your town to participate in and to raise much needed funds with.  Fundraisers for Fire stations, Police equipment, Guns and Hoses is always a good theme.  City, churches, Rotary clubs, Make a Wish foundation, etc. The list goes on.    

Here it is the event you have been looking for. Now that the Vaccines are being delivered and things are turning somewhat back to order.  People are eager for an outdoor event they can attend safely.  Well this is it.  Turnkey events are our specialty.  Give us a call you will be glad you did…After all who doesn’t like BBQ. 

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