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Even though it has been a while, the Covid 19 surge seems to be slowing.

Soon BBQ Competitions will begin again.

When they do be ready with your custom built model to step up your game and be far more competitive during this time off.

We built our first smoker in 1985

While attending the Chiefs home games we found out with the thousands of different BBQ rigs what worked and in many cases what didn’t.  After building many smokers we have come to know what is worth spending you hard earned money on and what is a fad or gimmick to get you to buy their smokers.  No FADS or GIMMICKS here.  We will guide you on what works and what doesn’t so you can get that smoker of your dreams. 

Kansas City invented the tail gating party at the Chiefs stadium hundreds who couldn’t get in the game or wo’s passion it was to BBQ on Sunday and listen to the game flocked to Arrowhead stadium.  BBQ is almost a religion in Kansas City and we have brought that knowledge and experience to Central Florida.., We bring Midwest values and work etheric as well as a vast experience in BBQ in all facets.. That’s why we are MOABB-QUE  (Mother of all BBQ) 

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We hail from Kansas City Missouri Arguably the BBQ Capital of the world. Mr. Bailey was a master judge for the KSBS (Kansas City BBQ Society) now a Certified judge for the FBA Florida Bar B Que Association. We know BBQ and what it takes to make good craft BBQ. Great meat, Time and care to ones product and perhaps most of all a good smoker that the Pitt master knows like the back of his hand. That's how you make great consistant BBQ. Its is a labor of love. Great BBQ doesn't come easy or from a pellet stove.