BBQ Event Projects

You always wanted to share your BBQ with others

Step up to the plate and see how your BBQ fares against others.  Host a BBQ competition.  Your community is ready for this kind of safe outdoor event after being cooped up over the past few months.  Its safe, fun and can generate thousands of dollars for your fund raiser as well as support local businesses in your community.  

Just Living Is Not Enough

These events are held all over the country and often have live music, car shows, festivals, etc.  This is pure Americana at it’s finest.   Call us today to host one in your community. 

WE can help plan our BBQ Festival, Competition or Event

The Covid is not over yet but everyone knows outdoor festivals and events will open first.  People are tired of being cooped up and looking for a safe and friendly event to go to.. Nothing is more friendly than a Pitt Master wanting to share in his hard labor over a wood fire.  Something he has created out of a piece of raw meat to a magnificent home cooked creation.  The brother hood of BBQ is only rivaled by men and woman who have served in our Armed forces.  I know as a former Medevac Chief Warrant officer helicopter Pilot  We love our brothers and our brothers love our BBQ. 

Sometimes its just wrong, but it works...

Rides and BBQ, somehow I just knew they would go together

Many events are combined to come together for a common cause and to raise funds for a good cause. 

Come a long for the BBQ ride

Every community from Main to Miami can participate in these events. many competitors come from out of state and others well there your neighbor. Everyone enjoys BBQ why not let the entire community benefit from this truly American Tradition. 

So whats in a "Name"

Often teams incorporate thier passion in life with their BBq names.. Each festival as a different moniker.  Most have a dual connotation to them. Some a little risque’ others named after their favorite relative.. but each one is different and special and exclusive to their team. 

Go Along With it, hey have a little fun eat some BBQ and forget about life's issues just for one day!

Each community has something to offer, hey I even say in main they had lobster and BBQ. Tennessee it was Jack Daniels and BBQ. Incorporate anything you want just hold an even.  Call us today to help your event be successful. 

We gather, we eat we enjoy one another's company... WERE HUMAN

This type of demographic doesn’t need to worry about paying the electric bill, will visit your community and spend money.  Their hard earned money for a couple days good time.  By association the local businesses will get to sell gas, lodging, food and much much more.  It’s a win, win winnnnn situation for all involved.  Wouldn’t you want these folks visiting your town for a couple days to enjoy your BBQ festival or competition. 

Go Along With Nature

Think this one will be a success, I can just about guarantee it.. But every community can draw a following the more you have it the more successful it will be.. Some of these have been going for years.  But for some this is their first year.  The hardest step to take is the first one.  let us help you plan your event today. 

Help Spread the BBQ Love.