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We Make dreams come true

We lead the project from start to finish. We take an idea, a drawing a sketch on a napkin and turn it into ones idea of the perfect BBQ Smoker.  We only build to order no cookie cutter smoker models here. Everyone has their own idea on how a smoker should operate, perform and ease of use or     (Flow).  So we just do it right the first time. We build it from scratch just the way you want it the first time.  No modifications no working backwards.  Just the way you want it. 

Many ask why do we work this way why not  just put out a product and customers can just use it the way it is.  The reason is simple, Ones idea of how a BBQ smoker, whether its cross flow, direct heat, reverse flow, vertical, or Horizontal is all subjective and is as varied as the BBQ tastes and varieties that we have all learned to call BBQ.  So we simply just make the smokers the way our clients wants them, the first time.  Not how they wish they could be after using them for a while. 

We offer Smokers

Smokers of all types, cross flow, reverse flow, vertical, Horizontal, Santa Maria, Cabinet, offset you name it we can build it.  We fabricate everything but the stainless steel handles and Thermometers in our shop.  Of course its made in America but perhaps more imprtantley it’s Veteran Owned and operated. 

We offer BIG ASS Grills

Some of our round grills are 44 inches in Diameter check out our gallery and you will see the one we made for Down the hatch.  A very exclusive Sea food Eatery in Ponce inlet Florida… The idea now is to bring this unit tableside and do Tomahawk steaks at the table.  Wow that kind of service and table side experience will be remembered for years to come. 

We offer Rotisseries

Ask a true Pitt master on what is the best cooker to use for ribs and he will probably tell you a Rotisserie.  2 revolutions per minute seems to be the optimum speed and let the juices drip.  Truly a great way to put out craft BBq.  But you want a large one,  where do you go to get or create such a cooker… Right here at MOABB-QUE

We offer fireboxes.

The smell of burning wood in the back yard with friends and loved ones discussing current events in the back yard.  All this over a roaring open fire… Perhaps a frosty beverage may be involved.  Ah yes now were living.  Custom designed small to huge… Remember we cut all our metal with a CNC plasma cutter so designs and fit are very easily accomplished. 

We offer Fundraisers ass well as BBQ Competitions

The Covid has shut down most activities in the past year or so. People are longing to participate in a safe and family friendly event.  Raise much needed funds by either having a BBQ fundraiser or go all out on a BBQ team competition.  We offer a turn key service that puts on and sanctions Amateur or Professional events.  Fun for the entire family but also raises much needed funds for the community.  Whether its for new equipment for a Fire station, new vests or cameras for the police department of the city just needs some repairs that wasn’t in the budget.. Churches, Rotary clubs, Jaycees, the list goes on and on.  Hold a City wide BBQ festival or competition.  We have the experience to work with you to generate much needed revenues and have a safe and wonderful BBQ day right in your own home town.  BBQ is the new crazy right now and craft BBQ with teams cooking some of the best BBQ your community/ state/ nation has to offer.  BBQ is as diversified as America itself.. Nothing is more American or Apple pie than BBQ So why not turn BBQ into cash.  We work with organizations, communities and cities every day.. It’s about 60 percent of our business.  Call today there is no obligation you will be glad you did. 

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